We are so excited to kick off our new volunteer program for 2020! We get requests constantly to come out and volunteer, so we thought we would streamline the process and make the best of everyone’s time!!

Training Days

There will be 2 training weekends each year, one in the Spring and the second in the Fall. Training will take place from noon to about 6 pm Saturday and Sunday. We will spend the time meeting the residents, learning about the work needed at the sanctuary, learning safety procedures for both residents and yourself, and learning about feeding times. You MUST attend at least one of the 2 days of training to be able to volunteer at Kanda. We highly encourage you to attend both days if you can.

We will announce our next next training day once the stay at home order is lifted. Please fill out a form and we will email you when we have more information.

Sanctuary work is hard and dirty. Please make sure you come prepared with a water bottle (which can be refilled here), gloves, proper shoes and clothing, sunscreen, bug repellent, or anything else you may need.

Volunteer Days

After training, you will be able to volunteer at Kanda!! We will post the schedule of dates available to volunteer, usually Saturdays and/or Sundays, and you can sign up for whatever days you would like to come out. If you volunteer at least once a month, you will not be required to attend the next training session, unless of course you want to! If you aren’t able to come out as regularly, that is perfectly fine!! But we will require you to go through training again, just to make sure you are up to date on all changes that occur! Volunteer activities include everything it takes to run a sanctuary. From cleaning coops, changing waters, cleaning stalls, small repair projects, and even big projects like building fences. We do everything we possibly can ourselves here at Kanda to be able to save those precious donations, but that means we have a lot of work to do!! We are hopeful with regular volunteers helping with the daily/weekly tasks, it will free some more time for Kate and Andrew to work on the bigger projects that so desperately need to be completed as well! We will also post on the schedule if we have a different project in mind for a certain date, so you know what you are signing up for! And of course every time you volunteer there will be plenty of down time for pig and chicken cuddles!

Kanda Farm Sanctuary
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