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Kanda Farm Sanctuary is solely run on volunteer power!

We could use your help!! We are so excited to offer opportunities to volunteer both on site at Kanda and right from your own home! Please see below for details on both opportunities and to sign up.

On-Site Volunteers

We often have volunteer days to work on special projects or when we get a little too overwhelmed. Projects and chores can range from fence building, cleaning barns/stalls/paddocks, cleaning food bowls and waters, maintenance projects etc. Unfortunately due to our schedules we do not yet have regular volunteer days, but we will send out an email every time we have a volunteer opportunity!

Volunteers are expected to work while at the sanctuary, however we will have plenty of breaks and pig snuggles too. Sanctuary chores can be dirty and physically demanding. Please dress appropriately including closed toed shoes and bring any supplies you need like water, sunscreen, gloves, etc. All food on the premise must be vegan! Volunteers must be 16 & over.

Sign up today to be notified of our volunteer days! There is no commitment requirement on your part. You'll just receive an email every time we have a volunteer day and you can decide then if you'd like to join!


Remote Volunteers

Because we are a volunteer run non-profit, we are always looking for skilled volunteers to help us run a more efficient and effective organization.

We would love to find dedicated volunteers that could help with some of these tasks. Just a few examples, we could really use a grant seeker/writer, social media manager, website designer, educational organizer, community outreach coordinator, non profit lawyer, accountant, phone & email help, etc. Ideally, we would like to find the best fit for our remote volunteers based on their skill set. Dedicated volunteers could have the opportunity to be on our advisory board in the future.


If you are interested in volunteering for Kanda remotely, please send us an email! Make sure to include how you would like to help and your previous experience. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions as well.

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