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About the Fam:

On July 3, 2018 Mama Dali, her 8 nursing babies,​ and her 6 older babies, and 2 other pigs were going to be killed that night if they didn't find a new home. A few years before that fateful day, the home owners purchased 3 pigs. Then they had to temporarily move. They rented their house and the tenants agreed to take care of the pigs, including neutering the boy. Fast forward to July 3, 2018, the home owners were home for a holiday and found way more than 3 pigs. There were 17. And the tenants said they were out of food and planning on shooting them all that night. Thankfully the owners contacted us to help. Because of the ages/sizes of the pigs and the urgent situation, we were unable to take them all in. We picked up Dali, her 8 nursing babies, and her previous litter of 3. We purchased food for the remaining 5 to buy us some time. Thankfully, another sancutary agreed to take in the other 5 pigs. We didn't know at the time, but Mama Dali was also pregnant with 10 babies, who she gave birth to at Kanda. Her first of 4-5 litters that were born in safety and love. We affectionately call the youngest pigs the Pipsqueaks and the older 2 litters the Fam.

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Mama Dali is a fierce and protective mama. She loves her babies dearly, but isn't afraid to tell them when she's had enough. It took Dali two years to fully trust us, but now she greets us with hot pants and loves belly rubs! She can often be found lounging in the middle of the Pipsqueaks. 

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Storme jumped off a transport truck, just like Stanley and many before her. She's an especially small baby and suffered a fracture to her jaw, puncture in her lung, and many painful scrapes and bruises. Thankfully she is healing well and becoming a spunky, happy piglet! We are thankful Storme jumped and will now know nothing but love here at Kanda. We are grateful we will get to watch her grow and thrive!

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Franklin was found as a stray by a farmer who also didn't want him. They advertised him for free on Craigslist and luckily a compassionate person saw him before someone else who wouldn't have good intentions. They contacted us and we were able to help Frank. When he got to us he had a painful ring in his nose to stop him from rooting. We were able to have the ring removed and Franklin is now a happy, playful piglet. His favorite thing in the world is belly rubs and laying right on top of us. 

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Naomi was part of a hoarding case a sanctuary in OH took on and she was suffering from a ton of cysts and tumors taking over her poor body. The other sanctuary rushed her to OSU where they said her only option was euthanasia. After talking with the sanctuary, we talked to our favorite surgeon at Purdue who agreed to at least try to save her. We took over Naomi's care and she did wonderfully through surgery and recovery!! Now Naomi is living her best life and making so many friends!

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Norma Jean 3.jpg

Norma Jean

Humphrey came from a home where he was so very loved by his previous owner, but was abused by his owner's family. His previous owner did everything he could to protect Humphrey, including moving out of the abusive home. But unfortunately the new landlord would not allow Humphrey to stay. Out of options, his owner contacted us for help. Humphrey came to us scared & intact. We got him fixed and he has really started to warm up to us. Humphrey loves to talk and will happily tell us all about it while enjoying belly rubs.​

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Emmie came to us at only 6 months old and very pregnant. Sweet Emmie gave birth shorty after rescue to 5 beautiful babies, then adopted another piglet in need the next day. Emmie was a great mama despite her young age. She raised her babies until they could be weaned, and is now finally enjoying her life on her terms, as she should! She's a favorite around the sanctuary and loves to greet everyone who comes to visit!

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Lily was born in a commercial farming facility and somehow found herself wandering alone at only a week old. A kind couple spotted her and sought help. By her injuries, it is estimated she had been alone for a few days & had jumped or fell off a transport truck. It may have been a rough start, but because of it, Lily will live her life in peace and love! Lily is an adventurous and outgoing piglet who will love exploring Kanda once she's big and strong!

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Abby Jane was found wandering the side of a busy road by a kind couple. They called Kanda and we agreed to take her in. By her age, injuries, and breed, we can only guess she jumped off a transport truck. Abby Jane suffered a broken jaw on both sides and is receiving the best care to help her heal and grow. She is a sweet and gentle piggy who is very curious and loves to root, even with her injuries. We are excited to show Abby Jane all the beauty life has to offer!

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Cora was born completely blind in one eye & at least partially blind in the other. The farmer instantly fell in love with Cora and sought sanctuary for her. She was originally supposed to go to another sanctuary, but due to COVID-19, she couldnt get there. So we agreed to take Cora in! This spunky girl doesn't seem to realize she's blind. Nothing holds her back from sneaking around & getting into trouble. But as soon as she gets caught she smothers us in kisses as if to say "no not me, never me!"

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Meeko was sold as a "micro pig" to his original family. Micro or teacup pigs are not real and breeders tell the buyers to keep the pigs on a strict diet. This special diet actually starves the pig and stunts his growth. So poor Meeko came to us very underweight. Luckily he came from a family who loves him & knew he needed more than they could provide. Meek-man is a sweet, goofy, laid-back guy, until he thinks he needs food or finds a bar stools to knock over. But we wouldn't have him any other way!

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Poor Marge was living outside with nothing but a wooden box to call her own. Her family had 7 kids with another on the way & 2 dogs. It seems like Marge was forgotten. We are not sure what she was being fed, but it wasn't a proper piggy diet. Her skin was in horrible shape. And I mean horrible. We aren't really sure what Marge went through before she got here, but what we do know is that she is a sweet and sassy independent woman. She loves her family fiercely and often takes the babies under her wing.

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Peg was a family pet until the family fell on hard times and had to move. They desperately searched for a home for Peg with little time before she would be set loose or killed. We received a plea to help this obese piggy and knew we had to help. Peg has been working on her weight loss, but she rules her herd, so it has been a challenge. Peg is a sassy, goofy pig who will always make sure her opinion is heard! We love how much Peg has blossomed here at Kanda and can't wait for her to be a healthy weight as well.

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Sweet baby Tru was found running down the road by a kind woman who took her in and contacted us. Tru somehow escaped a factory farm. She was sick, in extreme respiratory distress, suffered multiple broken ribs and injuries. Tru is now healing at her forever home, Kanda, where she will never have to worry about being treated with anything but kindness. We are so happy with Tru's recovery and love watching her grow and thrive at Kanda!

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Tiny Tilley jumped off a transport truck at just a few weeks old. She knew that truck was not her destiny. We think she survived alone for a few days in the middle of winter before finding a kind family to help her. The kind family reached out to Kanda and we knew we just had to help baby Tilley. Despite her rough start which led to a minor neurological issue, she is now thriving at her forever home with Kanda. Tilley is a spunky and silly, always keeping us on our toes!

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Miss Freezy

Penelope was born on a CAFO and was destined to be sent to slaughter. But with slaughter houses shutting down due to COVID-19, farmers were selling off their pigs, as well as other farmed animals. This particular CAFO gave their sick pigs to a cattle farmer, who was convinced to surrender at least the sickest pigs. We were contacted about these piglets & knew we had to help. Penelope is a high strung piglet full of personality, sass, and even more love!


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Piggy Smalls

Andi was rescued during the Indy Pig Rescue mission in June of 2019. Over 70 pigs were caught in a neglect case and set for euthanasia. A group of sanctuaries, including Kanda, stepped in to save all of the pigs. ​Many were adopted out to forever homes or split between the sanctuaries that made up the Indy Pig Rescue group. Andi formed a special bond with Cheesecake, and we knew we couldn't separate them. So Andi is a permanent Kanda resident!

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Cheesecake was the first pig pulled during the Indy Pig Rescue mission. She was living in a fully enclosed metal livestock trailer with no fresh air, clean water, or sanitary place to use the bathroom. Cheesecake was in respiratory distress and rushed to Purdue. When Cheesey first came home, she was nervous and timid. She has now opened up to be a confident and sweet pig who knows exactly what she wants! We are so very proud of her!

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Mowgli, along with 9 other family members, was rescued from a horrible neglect situation. His family was being used to make money (breeding) yet left without proper shelter, feed, or even clean water. They lived in tiny make-shift pens and the "lucky ones"only had a tarp to sleep under. No one was fixed and most were terrified of humans. Mowgli instantly bonded strongly with Andrew, so he is officially a permanent resident at Kanda!

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RJ was a 4H "project" who stole the hearts of his owners and they couldn't imagine sending him to slaughter. This spring RJ's owner passed away. The family knew they couldn't care for him but also wanted him to live out the rest of his days peacefully. They contacted us and we brought him home to Kanda! RJ was 10 years old and extremely overweight when he came to Kanda. He was being fed a horrible diet and honestly we were shocked he was alive. RJ has since adopted a healthy diet and a love for life!

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Gus was born in a factory farm. He had just been weaned from his mom & packed into a transport truck with his brothers & sisters when he jumped for his life! Gus was found running down the interstate when Animal Control picked him up and called us. Thankfully we were able to take Gus in and give him a forever home at Kanda! Now Gus will be able to live his life however he pleases, just like every pig should!

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Bruno was brought into this world as a 4H "project" and destined for slaughter when the year was over. Luckily Bruno charmed his way into his human's hearts and they spared his life! After a year with Bruno, his family realized they could not provide the best life for Bruno, including friends for this social piggy! We agreed that we could take Bruno and provide a happy life filled with friends and love. Bruno is a social and goofy pig, he's happiest when we are laughing with him!

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